Meetings with Remarkable Women

In the early 1900s the Greek-Armenian Mystic G.I. Gurdjieff wrote a classic of the spiritual literature “Meeting With Remarkable Men”. In this he chronicles his travels and encounters with, well, remarkable men. Thinking about this the other day I began reflecting on the remarkable meetings I have been privileged to as a result of the entries that What the BLEEP provided. But it’s the 21st century so I thought I’d write about the Remarkable Women that I’ve met.

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The Blood Sugar Solution

by Mark Hyman, MD

First, the wake-up call: “nearly all people who are overweight (over 70 percent of adult Americans) have ‘pre-diabetes’ … and they just don’t know it.” Yeah, yeah, we BLEEPers are an aware bunch and most of us know that already. But Mark Hyman asserts that “skinny fat” people, that is, those who lack muscle mass or have belly fat, are also in danger of pre-diabetes. There are no national screenings or treatment guidelines for pre-diabetes, so you and your MD are pretty much on your own.

The Blood Sugar Solution is about taking back your health. It’s about unlearning the myths, such as, diabetes is hereditary, or that diabetes is irreversible, to name just two. There’s a chapter on food addiction, not to broccoli, of course, but to sugar, salt, and fat. Changing one’s diet is the first step in righting the wrongs to get us back on track. Dr. Hyman outlines seven steps to treat what he calls “diabesity.” They include boosting one’s nutrition by figuring out what you’re lacking be it nutrients, fiber, anti-inflammatory ingredients, and the right fats, i.e., omega 3 fatty acids. Continue reading

An Interview with Byron Katie

Katie: You know I was walking on this amazing moonlit evening, in fact it was very late at night and a man approached me and he put a gun in my stomach and he said he was going to kill me. He was obviously very frightened which tells me simply that he was believing his thoughts.

And I looked into his eyes and his face and it was just so beautiful, the evening and the sky and the clouds and the full moon and he was so beautiful and so filled with fear and my thought was, I hope he doesn’t do that to him. We don’t like ourselves when we kill each other you know and for me, I have nothing to lose. Continue reading

Newsletter – April 9, 2012

People vs. the State of Illusion:

Can People Really Change? People V. The State of Illusion is coming to a theater near you! The film is speaking to audiences in Seattle (held over for 3 weeks!) Denver (held over for a 2nd week!) and opening in San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Dallas, Miami, Chicago and New York – with other markets coming soon click here for showtimes:

Read this great article about the film in Scientific American:


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